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Expert mental health care for you and your family

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We are dedicated to helping people of all ages develop resiliency, promote social-emotional development, and improve the quality and meaning in their lives.

  • Adults
  • Children
  • Teenagers
  • Couples
  • Families

At the Therapeutic Center for Children and Families we offer a broad spectrum of mental health treatments to help individuals, adults, and children, as well as families and couples. Our goal is to help people of all ages live more fulfilling lives by providing treatment for many symptoms and diagnoses.

While many mental health issues can be successfully addressed on an individual basis, we recognize that including family members in treatment can often be beneficial, especially when working with children. Our team of multi-disciplinary clinicians (physicians, psychologists, nurse practitioners, and social workers) work together closely, when appropriate, to integrate the individual, family, and group therapies that may be recommended to help people suffering from a loss of function in one or more of the following areas: family and social relationships, academic or employment performance, and/or health and sense of well-being.

Symptoms We Treat


Anger • Anxiety • Depression • Hopelessness • Lack of Motivation • Lack of Self-Esteem • Low Frustration Tolerance • Mood Swings • Social Withdrawal • Suicidal Thoughts

Anxiety Symptoms

Compulsive Behavior • Excessive Worries • Hyperarousal • Irritability • Somatic Complaints • Obsessional Thinking • Panic Attacks • School Refusal • Separation Issues


Autism • Cognitive Inflexibility • Development Delay • Difficulty with Social Cues • Learning Difficulties • Pervasive Development Disorders

Somatic Symptoms

Somatic Complaints • Sleep Disturbances • Tics

Externalizing Behaviors

Aggression • Attention Problems • Conduct Issues • Defiant Behaviors • Hyperactivity • Impulsivity • Oppositionality • Poor Concentration


Adoption • Bereavement • Bullying • Career Challenges • Divorce • Family Dysfunction

Staff Extensions

Ext. 701

Ext. 713

Andrew Lustbader, MD
Ext. 704

Zoom Link

David Sasso, MD
Ext. 718

Zoom Link

Alexander Westphal, MD
Ext.  747

Zoom Link

Karen Siegel, MD 
Ext.  748

Stephanie Ehrman, PhD
Ext. 725

Sarah Gersick, PhD
Ext. 734

Mark Beitel, PhD
Ext.  712

Jessica Rak, APRN
Ext. 726

Hope Lamberson, APRN
Ext. 732

Danielle Knox, LCSW
Ext. 735

Betsy Perry, LCSW
Ext. 744

Lynn Rider, LCSW
Ext. 746

Lisa Lochner, LCSW

Ext. 741

Robert Tremonte, LPC
Ext. 745

Lauren DeLuca, Practice Mgr.
Ext. 738

Jan Jepsen, Business Mgr.
Ext. 713

Our Office


We are located at 215 Main Street, Westport, 3rd floor, just a block north of the Westport shopping district.  Off-street parking is available behind our building.  For your convenience, Wi-Fi is available in our waiting area.


800 975-7418  Toll Free
203 454-2428  Main
203 454-2447  Fax Refills

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