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Alexander Wesphal M.D.

Board certified psychiatrist

Attended Brown University medical school

Faculty member of Yale University's Division of Law and Psychiatry

Faulty member Yale Child Study Center

Autism specialist

Alexander Westphal, M.D., Phd. is a general, child and adolescent and forensic psychiatrist. He completed medical school at Brown University, and all of his residency and fellowship training at Yale. 


Dr. Westphal is on the faculty of Yale’s Division of Law and Psychiatry and the Yale Child Study Center. His career is focused on autism, and he has several specialized focuses, including non-verbal people with intellectual disability, aggressive behavior, and management of problematic behaviors that can lead to legal involvement. In addition to autism, he also is highly experienced in treating other conditions including tic disorders, obsessive compulsive spectrum disorders and mood disorders. 


Dr. Westphal loves working with children but is also very comfortable working with adults.   Outside of work he enjoys being outdoors in many ways, especially with his wife and daughter, and is a cellist and a book collector.  

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